“Energy from Waste is a process of thermally treating residual waste fuels to generate electricity and reduce waste going to landfill”
A better tomorrow for The Next Generation

The Next Generation Energy from Waste facility aims to tackle two leading environmental problems with one innovative solution. Energy from Waste is a process of thermally treating residual waste fuels to generate electricity and reduce waste going to landfill.

This proposed facility from the DADI Group will be Australia’s largest and NSW’s first Energy from Waste facility. On full completion, the plant will have capability to divert over 500,000 tonnes of residual waste from landfill and use it to power up to 100,000 homes.

The facility is proposed within the Eastern Creek Industrial Estate. This area already supports an established DADI Group waste recovery facility, Genesis Xero Waste, as well as a waste landfill for non-recyclable materials. Proximity to the NSW power grid means that this is a strategic and convenient position for the facility.


Free solar panels for 1,000 homes

Under the National Energy Policy energy providers should strive to provide a demonstrable generating capacity which is both reliable and renewable.

Current regulations prevent energy providers from supplying electricity to a local community directly so TNG has formulated a plan to supplement the indirect benefit to the community by a more direct benefit in the form of solar power generation.

TNG has stated its willingness to supply, free of charge, roof top solar power generation systems to 1,000 households in Western Sydney. Preliminary details of this can be found in the Statement of Commitments made in support of the Planning application

No-one is compelled to take up the offer and there is NO deal or bargain which trades off support for TNG in exchange for solar panels.

We would of course like the community’s support because we think that the project deserves it, on its own merits. It is safe, it is clean and is already used around the world.





Our vision

Reduce the generation of greenhouse gases and help to solve the energy and waste needs of Sydney over the next 50 years;

Manage or reduce the need for additional landfills in the Metropolitan Sydney area;

Provide NSW with the highest standard of technology in the Energy from Waste sector that is tried and proven successful, assist in delivering on the targets of the NSW Renewable Energy Action Plan, and align with the Environmental Protection Authority NSW Energy from Waste Policy;

Create an alternative and consistent source of energy generation directly into the state’s electricity grid;

Deliver a net positive Greenhouse Gas effect, eliminating approximately 1 million tonnes of CO² each year;

Generate significant employment, consistent with the objectives and intentions of the Eastern Creek Precinct within the broader Western Sydney Employment Lands;

Retain high conservation value land.