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Date: 13 May 2017

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An open letter to the public,

On the 6th April 2017, it was announced that there will be a NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into matters relating to the waste industry, waste disposal as well as "Energy from Waste" technology.

As you may be are aware, the Dial A Dump Industries Group through The Next Generation Proposal (TNG) is eager to promote and lead the way in introducing Energy from Waste (EfW) to New South Wales.

The Next Generation, EfW will:

  • Create jobs
  • Divert over 1 million tonnes of waste away from landfill
  • Create enough electricity to power 200,000 homes
  • Eliminating 3 million tonnes of geenhouse gas emissions per annum
  • A renewable energy source adopting:
  • World’s best practices & best available technology
  • It's safe

There is no single magic bullet to tackle the problem of waste. There are a range of processes that work together to provide a viable solution.

Thermal treatment will play an important role in an integrated waste system, contributing to a sustainable future for Australia

This is a unique opportunity for individuals, industry, consultants, councils and organisations generally to submit their views on all aspects of the waste industry whether good or bad.

We urge you to be heard in Parliament.

Feel free to use the information provided to assist you with your submission.